How Can I Naturally Burn More Fat?

In order to burn fat, a person will need to be in a calorie deficit. This is where a person is burning more energy than they are consuming. The body will not be able to get all the required energy from food stores and it will then burn the body’s fat stores to aid with the energy demand. Over a long period of time, this will cause a person to lose weight. 

Burning Fat Naturally

There are a number of ways a person can burn fat naturally, all of which are pretty straightforward. Diet and exercise you’d undoubtedly guess! But did you know that sleep can make a big difference to how much fat you burn? We’ve explored each of these methods of naturally burning fat in a little more detail below:


A person eating a well-balanced diet and expending more energy than they are consuming will burn fat. If an individual eats high volume low-calorie foods, this will cause the body to feel fuller for longer and the body will naturally begin to target fat stores to help the body function through the day. This only works over a sustained period, a diet that targets fat loss, while still being considered healthy can be one in a caloric deficit of 500cals. A person eating a diet putting them in a dangerous deficit (higher than 500) will likely feel rundown throughout the day, unwell and in extreme cases can cause serious health implications. 


By performing daily exercise over a long period of time a person can burn more fat, like all fat burning methods, a person will need to make sure they are in a calorie deficit otherwise the body will not target fat stores. All exercise requires energy and therefore can burn fat, there are however particular methods of exercise that are more suited to burning fat. The best and widely considered method of training to burn fat is Endurance/cardiovascular training. Endurance/cardiovascular training over a long period of time at a low intensity is effective at gaining a calorie deficit. This means the body is active for much longer periods of time whether as weight training and other methods will have rest periods.


Diet and Exercise are the most obvious methods of naturally burning fat. However, Sleep is also a very important factor to consider when looking to burn more fat. You can make a big difference to your hormone levels by having the daily recommended 6-8 hours sleep a night. Sleep deprivation impacts the body’s ability to regulate its appetite. This is due to not producing the chemical Leptin. Leptin suppresses appetite and hunger spikes throughout the day, being able to consume calories at a gradual rate throughout the day, while not overeating will help a person stay in a calorie deficit and target fat stores

Burning Fat

There are many different ways to burn fat, this page lists three ways that it can be done naturally. It is not uncommon for people to use supplements that can aid the body in burning fat stores. Before looking to burn fat it is important a person looks at medical guidance. Burning fat will mean the body systems are working hard and will likely require energy output, by combining a diet that is too far in a calorie deficit with strenuous exercise will put a person under a dangerous level of stress which will be harmful. Therefore research and consideration are always encouraged to anyone looking to burn fat either naturally or through supplements and medication.



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